Are you struggling to get short-term credit based on your current credit rating? Looking for some top tips to build and improve your credit rating?

Building and improving your credit history can be daunting and mysterious if you don’t understand how the whole system of credit checks, credit scores and credit records works. Behind the scenes there’s an entire system that gives each person a rating, or a ‘credit score’, to determine how much credit they might be able to safely borrow and pay back.

We have put this eBook together to remove the mystery, dismiss the fear and give you some solid advice as to how you can understand your credit score, and build or improve your financial wellbeing.

 Download our eBook now to learn more about:

  • What a credit score is and how it is different to a credit report
  • Why it’s important to build and maintain a healthy credit
  • How to keep track of your credit report
  • Eight top tips to improve your credit score

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