Short-term finance can provide a much-needed lifeline to those trying to pay for unexpected emergencies or bills when finances are short at the end of the month.

Short-term loans and personal loans, for example, are designed to be accessible and flexible forms of short-term finance. They are unsecured, meaning that no assets – such as a house or car – need to be used as collateral against them and most lenders, upon approval of an application, distribute the monies on the same day.

Undoubtedly, for those who need a little financial boost to resolve issues quickly and only need a small amount of money, short-term finance is one of the best options.

But before taking out any form of short-term finance – whether a short-term loan or personal loan – knowing the basics is essential. In our free eBook, ‘A quick guide to short-term finance in the UK' we explain everything applicants need to know both before applying for a loan and while the loan is being repaid.

In the eBook, we explain:

  • How to apply
  • Interest rates and APR
  • Credit scores
  • Hard and soft inquiries
  • Using loans responsibly
  • Managing repayments
  • Early repayments and late fees

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Our loans are designed for short-term use only and shouldn’t be used to manage existing debt. There may be other, cheaper, or more suitable, forms of credit available that meet your needs at the time.